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Since 1922, Fortunoff has developed a widely recognized and trusted brand noted for quality, selection, service and value. Generations of customers have trusted Fortunoff for their most precious purchases and occasions and Fortunoff is forever remembered by the generations of brides who have registered for their most important household needs.


With a truly unique offering combining jewelry and home furnishings, outdoor furniture, bed and bath, tabletop and gifts, Fortunoff has established a strong position in some of the most competitive retail markets in the U.S.  From engagement, through marriage and into the creation of the home, Fortunoff strives to become an integral part of its customers' daily lives. 


Fortunoff was the original “category leader” offering customers’ an extremely deep and broad assortment of unique, high-quality merchandise, combined with legendary service and everyday low pricing. This approach established Fortunoff as a “retail institution” in the tri-state metropolitan area with dominant positions in major product categories, including jewelry, watches, silver, domestics, tabletop, furniture and seasonal items sold through the Company’s specialty stores, including The Christmas Store and Backyard Furniture Store.


Some of Fortunoff's notable achievements:


  • According to Casual Living Magazine, Fortunoff was rated #1 in the sale of outdoor furniture in the United States among specialty retailers.
  • Home Furnishings News magazine ranked Fortunoff the #12 tabletop retailer in the country. Fortunoff’s tabletop sales volume exceeded that of Neiman Marcus, Bloomingdale’s, and Dillard’s. Home Furnishing News also ranked Fortunoff ahead of IKEA, Pier 1 and Lechters in the category of specialty domestics / textile retailers.
  • The Company was one of only 30 retailers in the country to record over $100 million in annual jewelry sales, achieving this impressive ranking with only five stores while many of its competitors had hundreds.
  • The company had the 3rd largest bridal registry in the tri-state area in only 6 stores, after Bed Bath and Beyond (89 tri-state locations) and Macy’s (77 locations).